About us

FanSaved is a company which provides TV show fans with two distinct means to work towards reaching their dream of a revival or a proper concluding of their beloved TV show.

Our most important part is our technological web platform with tools that enable the fans to systematically organize and coordinate campaigns including thousands of fans to work towards the goal they share to get more of the content they love.

The supplementary part is what we call the professional third party, and is where we will reach out to the rights owners on the behalf of the fans, to convey the fan desire and the quantitative and qualitative opportunities it brings with, we will mitigate the risks for both the rights owner and you the fans. We as a professional third party with access to aggregated data, and costly infrastructure as industry consultants and infrastructure, gives us access to places where fans seldom get.

We think this combination of your desire and action and our one-on-one work with the rights owners will be a perfect combination.

The web tools can live on its own without us acting as a third party, but the third party is dependent on your adoption of our platform, creating and joining campaigns, telling friends about our joint effort towards getting your show either properly concluded or revived in any form.


The idea to FanSaved came as you can read in this blog post (https://www.fansaved.com/blog/welcome-to-fansaved/), from the felt pain of having several shows I loved and enjoyed watching got cancelled, and I decided that fans needed a bigger say. And that is what we are building here, and what you are a part of!


FanSaved INC is incorporated in Delaware, and we have an office in San Francisco, Norway and France.


Our company address in San Francisco

101 California Street, Suite 2710

San Francisco, 94111 California, USA


Our company address in Norway

Harestien 4,

4707 Vennesla, Norway