Q: Are FanSaved in any way affiliated or licensed by a studio or network?

A: No, FanSaved is an independent platform for fans to run campaigns to fight for their beloved show, and a consultant company where we negotiate between the fans and the rights owners in regards to TV show content.


Q: Does FanSaved cost anything?

A: No, FanSaved is free for members, we do have fees for uses of different parts of our platform, for instance the fundraising part has fees attached to it, or large e-mail blasts have fees attached to it for the fandom’s war chest, but that is to cover FanSaved’s external costs, and this will always be transparent and listed on the designated pages pertained to the campaign type.



Q: What do I need a vote for?

A: You don’t need a vote, but it is given to you based on your activity on the platform, and if you wish to use it, you can use it to vote on choices that are presented from us the company, to you the members of it. We will write a blog post later about the votes and the system around it.