How can we save TV shows?

FanSaved offers the fans an feature rich and easy to use campaigning platform, which the fans then use to rally and show their support and grow their numbers around that TV show.


FanSaved will then track and measure the different campaigns, for several of the monetary campaigns we have an affiliate agreements with the outlets that fans can buy the merchandise on, this will help us cover the cost of operations and further development, and additionally of all the income the company has some of it goes back into our profit sharing program, read more about that here.


We will also reach out to the decision makers when the different campaigns reaches certain thresholds, this varies from show to show and from campaign to campaign, but we look into data like the origin of the fan in terms of country and pair it with what their goal are, for example fans from the US wants a finishing movie to conclude their TV show, but the fans from Spain wants a new season or a mini-series at least, whilst the fans in Germany might just want it on Netflix. The possibilities are endless, but that is the kind of data that we will have the possibility to reveal to the rights owners to show them the monetary possibilities all over the world and increase the likelihood of a ressurection, because honestly speaking, if and when rights owners invest into making anything in regards to a show property, it is to recoup their investment and make profits from it, that is how business and capitalism works all over the world. We just want to give the fans a better influence on what content they wish to consume.


Disclaimer 1: We are in no way affiliated or licensed by any studio or network or rights owner to do any pre-approved campaigns or infringe on their trademark. We are offering the fans a platform to run campaigns on, just like are offering a petition platform and Twitter are offering a messaging platform we are offering a campaign platform. For some of the campaigns that FanSaved plan to run in the future, we hope to reach an agreement prior to running the campaign, we will if so announce that in the campaign itself very visibly.


Disclaimer 2: We are not making any guarantee of what types of campaigns or what type of results for any given campaign would result in a resurrection of any kind whatsoever. We are just creating the platform for the fans, and together we will work towards getting a resurrection or conclusion to cancelled or in danger of being cancelled TV shows. But we will all fail a lot of times as there are a lot of obstacles and it involves many moving parts and huge costs, but with the best set of tools, the most proper strategy towards the goal and the continued fan effort we will give every show the chance it deserves.


So in short, what you can do to save TV shows is join FanSaved as a member, it is free and will forever be free, join or create a campaign to fight for your beloved show, spread the word to the world and stay engaged.