How does FanSaved work?

FanSaved works in two ways, first we have the web tools which the fandoms and fans utilize by creating, joining and sharing campaigns. Then based on the results the campaigns create FanSaved staff will reach out to the implied parties and try to find out the possibilities and so called deal breakers, to find out if there is a way to get what the fans desire, and how, and to at the same time mitigate all the risks that the implied parties have concerning the desired goals.

To accomplish this we have created a web platform where the fans can join forces and show their interests and willingness, by creating and joining different campaigns that are working towards the fandoms desired goals.


The different fan campaigns we currently have at FanSaved are:


Social media oriented campaigns


Petition –

                The standard petition where you sign a petition and share it with your friends, and when the petition reaches a threshold it gets sent to a selected group of executives for an attempt of influence.


Radio Silence –

                When the executives have been used to the “social buzz” it is mostly just noise for them, it is important over time to create that noise to show presence and demand, but for a campaign period it can also be effective to cut off all mentions and hashtags in social outlets. This needs to be done in a series of campaigns, and should start off any series of campaigns.


Mass Social Buzz –

                Different from Radio Silence, this is about concentrating on specific topics and/or hashtags, to show the size and reach of the fandom.


Social Shout –

                This is campaign where the fans don’t pledge money to the cause, but a post on their social media profiles, the idea is that the massive impact by every participant distributing the message at the same time on their profiles shows a different magnitude than just random posts and hashtags. We will help with setting up campaigns on Thunderclap for the Social Shout, which are the market leader on this type of message blasts.




Physical oriented campaigns

Mass Creative Shipment –

                The idea with sending creative items to the decision makers have had mixed effect, Jericho got 7 new episodes by sending x tons of peanuts to the network, Roswell got more by sending several thousand bottles of Tabasco sauce, but several other attempts have been done with sending Daisies, Lipsticks, Jeans and a bunch of other items. So the viability of this campaign type is unsure, but a creative way to get focus.

Mass Snail Mail –

                Back in the days this was the campaigns that was the go-to solution, and it saved more than one show, now in the digital era this is not used much anymore as petitions have taken its place. That isn’t to say that this type of campaign today in the scale of thousands wouldn’t work.

Physical Stunt –

                Demonstrating the numbers and willingness to spend time other than just push a button to sign an petition, this could be participating on events like comic-con, or outside a decision makers offices, or a notable place related to the TV show, Flash Forward had a multi-city physical campaign where fans emulated the events from the show, unfortunately it did not have the desired effect.


Monetary willingness oriented campaigns

Mass Purchase & Download –

                The idea here is to get the attention to the rights owners by sending them money in terms of sales on items they already have, this is pure profits for them as the content is already produced and the items are all there. This could be a mass purchase at Amazon and other outlets to empty out the stock to send a powerful message. Or it could be a mass download at sites like iTunes where they also get profits, but you also boost that item you buy way higher on the charts.

Mass signup –

                The idea here is if the fandom desires that for example Netflix should resurrect the show, which they have done for several shows already, then all the fans who aren’t currently members at Netflix, could sign up as a member the same day, and all the ones who are members but not at the Premium level could upgrade their plan at the same day. This would send a powerful message to Netflix, and might get them interested.

Mass Possible Sponsor Action –

                Chuck got saved by a lot of fervent fans going to Subway and buying a footlong and leaving a note that they did it by support of the TV show Chuck, this made Subway go in as a sponsor, and the show got renewed. This is a difficult type of campaign, but could be a very rewarding one, and one that hasn’t been utilized much by the fandoms.

Advertising –

                This has been a favorite campaign type of many fandoms, all from Angel and Jericho fans having advertisement in industry magazines, to Veronica Mars fans having a banner after a plane advertisement, the possibilities are endless. This is a fundraising campaign where fans pledge funds to buy the advertisement.