Profit Sharing Program

FanSaved has a profit sharing program where we give 20% of our profits back to the community, this will be further explained before we go out of beta.


The profits that goes into the profit sharing pool will be divided up in two “buckets”, one we call the member fund, and the other which goes directly back to the fandoms based on selected criterias.


The member fund

10% of all FanSaveds profits goes into the member fund, and dependent on the size of it we will arrange a voting on how to allocate the funds in the members fund. The interval for the voting will be from between a month and six months.

You earn points by activity on the platform, and one point equals one vote. Read more about the FanSaved point system here.

The member fund will be allocated towards certain TV shows that needs the extra push to reach their goal.


Members of FanSaved can propose TV shows that should receive funds from the member fund, and the voting round will be populated with choices for TV shows set by FanSaved staff, and the members vote over it with their votes as described above. For all rounds there will be added an choice like “I don’t support the member fund going towards any of the shows listed. Please transfer it to the next voting round.” And if that choice gets over a certain threshold of votes, then the member fund will not be transferred for use towards any of the shows listed in the vote round.

It is important to note that the money will not in any way be paid out to any fans externally, it will go towards campaigns run on the platform or to further market to an audience about that show, or other means to work towards the goals the members has for the particular show. It will never go to cover FanSaved’s internal costs in any way. If there for instance was a crowdfunding project like the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, or the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter then the member fund could go towards added funding for that.


The fandom fund

There will come more information about the Fandom fund within the beta phase. Sign up for our newsletter down in the footer to be notified when we have updates.