What is FanSaved ?

FanSaved is the first and currently the only platform designed to empower TV show fans to create and organize campaigns with thousands of participants. Our campaign tool has several different campaign types that all caters to different campaign types that has been conducted in the past with various results, and a few completely new ones that has never been utilized before.

Further we are working on something we call a canvas where you organize different campaigns into a series of campaigns, all tailored to work to the desired goals, for example if you are trying to send a message with a mass purchase or mass signup campaign, it will be useful to combine it with first a silent period on social outlets like Twitter and Facebook, then do a social shout with a service like Thunderclap, then do the mass purchase or mass signup, then finish with another social shout.

The canvas is at the time being a concierge service where we create it together with the fandoms, but we are working on a module to automate this completely that will be done within weeks.